Create a personalized outreach message in less than

Personalized outreach converts exponentially higher than canned messages but the issue till now, has been the time it takes to create a personalized email.

You can download the Chrome extension for a free 60 day trial by clicking on this link

How it Works

We identify topics from your prospect’s social profiles and then match that to topical and engaging content. This makes your outreach a positive experience that keeps you top of mind with your prospects.

Download Chrome extension

First is got to chrome store search for "Letschat" and then add it to your browser.

Go to Linkedin® user profile

When you are on a prospects LinkedIn® Profile you get suggestions on articles that they may be interested in based on their stated interests.

Select an article

Select an article that you which you can copy into your outreach message.

Personalize outreach. Connect with relevant content.

We scan their profiles to better understand their personality, interests, and topics, and find relevant and interesting news you can share with them. Allowing you to personalize your outreach, adding value to your business relationship and keeping you top of mind with your prospects.

Make your outreach a positive experience, give them something useful as opposed to just taking time out of their day.