Who should use LetsChat.chat?

LetsChat.chat, is aimed for Sales professionals that want to provide their prospects with an exceptional buying experience.

How does it work?

A salesperson can set up an environment of curated content, i.e. videos, case studies, customer success, social sites etc. So the prospect can navigate the content from the prospectecting email.

Why not just add the content to the email?

It is not good practice to add attachments or content heavy emails.

What is the benefit to the prospect?

By providing them content in a chatbot environment they can peruse at their leisure. By reviewing it the convert from passively interested to interested.

What’s the benefit to the salesperson?

You have provided a simple but powerful environment for them to learn more. With clear CTA’s like, live chat with you, ability to leave you a message or get on your calendar.

CRM integration
We tightly integrate into Salesforce, so all the conversations are stored for analytics and reporting. We are actively pursuing integration into other CRM’s.