Daniella Lulgjuray


With over two decades of experience in the hospitality sector, I have a passion for delivering exquisite service and exceptional living to my high-end clientele. As the CEO and founder of Le Concierge de Luxe, I oversee the operations and strategy of the finest luxury destination and concierge company in the industry.

I offer a range of personalized amenities, such as access to the most exclusive restaurants, lounges, shows, theaters, and events worldwide. As well as daily calendar professional and leisure. I also provide vacation and hotel accommodations, private aviation, exotic fleet of cars, car services, and mega yacht charters. My mission is to give my clients back their most valuable asset: time. I leverage my strong network of contacts and partners in the industry, and my expertise in hospitality consulting, event planning, and creative direction. I ensure that my prices are unbeatable, while still offering exquisite service.

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