Jason Allan Scott


I am an Award-winning Entrepreneur, Event Professional, Media Owner, Podcaster and Investor who has sold several businesses on 3 continents.

Various media and social media platforms including Amazon have called me a top influencer on the web, Double Dutch called me one of the most influential Event Professionals in the world as did Eventbrite.

I have been recognized as a top 100 small business for my media business and invited to Number 10 Downing Street in 2016 to talk storytelling and story-selling for my podcast success.

I am the first podcaster to sell two podcast channels and find 30 ways to make money from a podcast’ and have been podcasting successfully for 8 years, producing over 100 shows!

Forbes has written two articles about me as a solo founder, while I have also been featured in multiple books including but not limited to "Tiny Business, Big Money" by Forbes Contributing writer, Elaine Pofeldt.

Sold one of the most successful podcast agencies in the world, on the platform

With over 2 decades of entrepreneurial experience in the world of hospitality and tech industry spanning Proptech, Defi, Medtech, and CreatorTech.

I have a broad understanding of multiple verticals.

I have successfully delivered keynotes at over 223 conferences, events, and companies around the world, from speaking at Google, Oxford, and Coutts to major growth marketing conferences focusing on storytelling, selling, improving one's financial position, and entrepreneurship.

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