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I am a UI/UX Designer passionate about the intersection of psychology and product design. I am always eager to talk with the people I am designing for, and use both an understanding of them as well as front-end development to ensure that an impactful experience is created.

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Hey, I was wondering what you think of the value of learning UI frameworks as a UX Designer? I am looking to get into front-end development, and I was curious of whether it has impacted your experience with delivering wireframes to developers.

Question asked by: Mateo

New reply: Hey, thanks for your question! Yes, I do think it is very valuable! Knowing different frameworks allows you to understand more about what a developer may consider when actually implementing your design. For example, there might be grid systems and other features that developers utilize, which might differ from features in your own design. It is important for you, as the designer, to understand what frameworks your team might be using, as you can then alter your approach to coming up with designs. For example, you can suggest style changes to framework components to help the generic UI elements better match certain aesthetic or experiential aspects of your brand or design. Overall, if you would like to get into front-end development (assuming you are a designer currently), I think it is very worthwhile. Taking time to study and practice front-end development helped me better sympathize with the responsibilities and considerations developers have/make when receiving and implementing UI designs.

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