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@Featured on NBC, TED, Inc, Forbes, HuffPo, Sales Hacker, Sales Assembly, Startup Grind, 1871, & more.

My brain is OBSESSED with voice & communication. I grew up on hip hop, glued to WWE, and playing Madden, and RBI Baseball but having my own announcers in my head. In my professional life I've realized that STORY is everything.

My company, Startup Hypeman, helps startups and scaleups NOT SUCK at how they pitch themselves so they STAND OUT to their audience and STAND APART from competitors. Whether that audience is:

Or literally a packed arena

We use our Que PASA Elevator Pitch Formula as the starting point to craft the right message.

Working with founders, CEOs, sales leaders, and sales teams, our clients have generated:
Quota-crushing sales teams
Millions in capital raises
Thousands upon thousands in in pitch competition winnings

and most importantly - teams and brands with a VOICE.

Sales & Marketing Presentation Development
Investor Pitch Deck Development
Demo Call & Sales Coaching
Elevator Pitch Creation
Pitch Competition Prep
Product Rap Videos

Scale-stage companies who want to:

Own their category
Stop getting caught in feature-battles
Unlock a scalable sales narrative that aligns Sales and Marketing

Early stage startups who want to:

Raise venture capital
Win pitch competitions
Acquire customers

"I didn't even know what the F*** to talk about...You got (us) away from being featurey so that (our target audience) could understand and want to buy from us."
-Scott D, Founder & CEO @WickedReports

"...Raj really has an innate ability to pull out the right concepts to develop into super clear messaging for 3 different audiences....he never hesitated to help us...Since working with Raj, our company has successfully raised $1.1 million."
-Shirley Y, Founder & CEO @Musesapp [acquired by Braintrust 2020]


As for my own voice, I've been a rapper since 14, and as the OG Rapreneur I've kept Linkedin newsfeeds fresh with hip hop business content from the very first day in 2017 when Linkedin rolled out video on the platform.

I've spoken + performed to audiences across the U.S. & internationally, as well as done professional ring announcing for combat sports. When the mic is in my hand, my #1 goal is to create a radically mind-blowing experience.

I'm also a yoga teacher, adjunct professor at Loyola University, and diehard fan of Seinfeld, Hamilton, and (still) pro wrestling.

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